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I just re read a lot of this. I seemed like a lost little girl. It's amazing how much my life has changed. FOR THE GOOD!


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I'm hibernating..or something
* * *
I'm all nyquilled up..and ready for midnight..I thought it was really late..now looking at the clock I see it's only six..Lost comes on tonight..I might be a little "lost" lol...since I didn't see last weeks episode due to extinuating life circumstances...I have a feeling i'm going to read this tomorrow and delete it....because if I am typing as stupid as I'm thinking..this may not even be funny..

I have a strange rash mark..burning thing on my arm..I just noticed it twenty minutes ago..I don't know what it is but it burns.. and is enflamed..bah..

I get to go back to work tomorrow..

I rescheduled my st ateboard just waiting for the new letter that says when I go to come in..I should have made some phonecalls today..but like I said I'm all nyquilled up..and something something..rather..yeah...

* * *
I'm back..

Craig's mothers funeral was as nice as I've ever seen..

But someone tell me why people get so materialistic when a loved one dies?

Her boyfriend and best friend that was left behind just broke my heart..he was so sad..he loved her very much..
I hurt for him..;( he adopted me..I'm his new daughter..I held his hand all through the funeral and graveside service..he on my right and Craig on my left..we all cried together..

Thanks for your support.

* * *
I'm a jumble of nerves..the anxiety in my chest is causing me to think I might burst.
But this is life...or so I'm told.
Nothing in it makes sense..
Happy one minute...sad the next..
Breathing...then not...
The bad times are what make the good times so great..
The illogical logical..
None of it is rounding out to me.
Close a window open a door..
Who leaves through the damned window anyhow?
I'm waiting here..fully dressed minus my shoes..minus my socks
minus a loved one or two..
contemplating the eternal unanswered question..
What's the meaning of life?
No one will ever know the true answer..
because perhaps there is no answer.
Just something else for us to ponder..
to scratch our heads and wonder.
I'll walk out the door
I'll drive away..
Pack..sleep perhaps...and then be on my way again
Where? Do any of us really know where we're going.
Rambling on and on..I'm finding solace..
in the clicking of the keys of the keyboard
something medicinal about it..or not.
just the comfort of hearing something besides
my own breathing and the hum of the computers.
Nothing that you think is in important..is ever as important in
a time like this.
It all seems trivial..
and I bask in the assurance..that I am alive..
I am healthy..
and though this is a sad time..
I am happy with my life.
* * *
* * *
The cats were fighting and woke me up...now I can't go back to sleep..I guess I 'll start cleaning house. State is Tuesday..I'm trying not to think about it ....... you know so I don't freak the fuck out.
* * *
I actually got way past the driveway and would have been fine if the cops hadn't of found me and brought me back..also..that's not my tattoo..but that'd be wicked retarded if it was.
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Sad but completley true
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I was sitting out side today with a coworker while she smoked and we were watching an approaching storm..that weirdest thing happened..the temperture dropped about 10 degrees while we were sitting there..I mean it's not weird but that's the first time I've ever experienced that..it was so awesome.
* * *
Ouch I hurt all over...teaches me to help with trenches ever again..

I have a sweet tooth..but don't know what I should eat..I really want a sticky bun..

Craig is coming home tonight..I'm so excited..but then so tired..I was going to stay up and wait for him..but I don't think I'll make it.

* * *
I've just had and am still having the greatest conversation with jenniepanic about marmosets and their all around adorableness..

She's a freaking riot..oh I needed smiles and laughs this morning.

* * *
* * *